Meet The Maker

When there is too much of one element within nature and within ourselves, our energy becomes out of balance. I continually experience this exact feeling. It can surface as anxiety, which I used to struggle with for many years. Rather than live in silence, I decided to channel this anxiety into something positive and creative that I could share with others. 

I imagined my perfect world. All aspects of my surroundings were balanced. My immediate world, the surroundings in front of me, was nothing but calm. I craved a way to escape into a moment of that perfect world.

Close your eyes. Imagine a breeze sweeping across a field of lavender while you stand in the middle.

Are you with me?

Your feet are anchored into the soft mossy earth while warm sun beams dance delicately across your face.

This is the oasis that I escape to when day-to-day chaos looms over my mind; The one I want to share with you.

I have created small pieces of my personal safe haven to transport you into your own feelings of serenity. I carefully craft every item with the intention of balance.

Each candle in my collection(s) channel specific elemental energies.

It is my personal belief that one must have a physical representation of each element within the hearth in order to invite and exude balance. 

Welcome to the Emerald Hearth.