Gift packaged Lunar Love Bundle by Emerald Hearth creations.  The image shows what is included in the bundle.  The Lunar Light candle in white is on the left and the New Moon Muse candle in black is on the right.  On top of the candle is a Emerald Hearth Creations wick trimmer.

Lunar Love Bundle

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We are offering a beautiful bundle from the Emerald Hearth arsenal; Lunar Love.
This bundle includes two 8oz candles: Lunar Light and New Moon Muse with a FREE wick trimmer. This offer is a great gift giving idea! 

Each scent profile can be found below.

Lunar Light:The Full Moon is a time of reflection and release. La Luna herself sparkles about the sky with opulent grace. This magnificent display is a gentle reminder of this shimmering light within each of our souls. Invigorating notes of Grapefruit, Neroli and Cedar will ignite this brilliance. Illuminate your aura with Lunar Light as you celebrate the accomplishments in which you’ve cultivated.

New Moon Muse: The New Moon is a time for manifestation, inspiration, and intention. Nature embraces change by washing away useless terrain. It leaves behind a clean slate. A lush, green, paradise feeling cleansed and renewed. As Mother Nature methodically renews herself, we must breathe life into our own lives. Sandalwood, Ozone and Moss provide a grounding sensation to invite enlightenment and release stagnation. Invoking the tranquility of fresh rainfall; The New Moon Muse was born. 

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