How can I get the most burn time out of my Emerald Hearth candles?
Trim the wick every time you light your candle including before the first use. Yes, we said it. Trim the wick BEFORE your first burn to ensure the maximum burn time. Trimmed wicks will give a brighter and cleaner burn. Untrimmed wicks almost always produce an uneven flame as well as soot and smoke. In order to get the maximum burn time our candles offer; You need to be diligent in maintaining the wicks at 1/8 inch. Also, when burning your candle, we recommend a burn session that is long enough for the melt pool to extend all the way to its outer edges so that you can enjoy every ounce of wax.

How often should I trim my candle wicks?

The wick should be trimmed to 1/8 inch EVERY time prior to your burn session. You can use: scissors, nail clippers, or wick trimmers. In our opinion, a wick trimmer is the best option because it helps avoid a potential mess. We have them available if you need one!

Are your candles Paraben & Phthalate free?
Absolutely. All of our candles are non toxic, vegetable based and use 100% American grown soy.

What are your wicks made out of?
Our wicks are crafted from cotton and are free of lead and zinc.

What is the difference between Soy and Paraffin wax?
Soy Wax was discovered as an alternative to paraffin wax. It is renewable, non toxic and biodegradable. It is the hydrogenated form of soybean oil. Soy wax tends to look creamy and soft, sometimes with subtle white discolorations and unique natural markings on the surface of the candle. Emerald Hearth only uses soy grown within the United States from sustainably farmed sources.

Paraffin wax is one of the most popular kinds of wax used in candle making. It is derived from crude oil making it a petroleum by-product. Paraffin wax has a transparent texture, sometimes with bubbles or craters on top.

Do you offer wholesale opportunities?
Yes! We are pleased to offer wholesale prices for potential stockists! Please use our contact form found here to inquire for our wholesale catalog and requirements.

Do you offer private labeling?
Yes! We offer private labeling opportunities with 24 unit minimum. This option is designed for you savvy business owners or blushing brides who want to host an event, promotion or even have your own personal candle! This gives you the freedom to create your own label without having to be concerned about pouring the perfect candle. We’ve got you covered!

Can you create candles for my wedding?
Yes! Emerald Hearth has a few options for you beautiful couples. Our Everlasting Love candle was curated specifically with weddings in mind. We also can craft a custom scent for your special day if you don’t see one available on our site. This has a 6-8 week lead time so we recommend reaching out as soon as you have your wedding date nailed down!

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us at: emeraldhearth.energy@gmail.com