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Wheel Of The Year Download *FREE*

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A beginners guide to the origins and sacred practices of our ancient pagan ancestors.

You are not required to subscribe to a specific religion or label to use, observe or celebrate the holidays noted within the Wheel of the year. Most notably, Wiccans, Pagans, Neo-Pagans, and practicing witches reference the Wheel of the Year for its festivals and rituals.

The beauty of the pagan calendar is that it’s accessible and inclusive to everyone from all walks of life. Each and every holiday reminds us to connect with ourselves and give thanks to Mother Earth. In modern paganism; Everything in life is considered to be on a cyclical trajectory and experiencing an endless cycle of birth and death. Everything is born, grows, flourishes and then dies... only to be, once again, reborn.

Each point on this wheel celebrates the process of metamorphosis. 

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Emily C.
United States
I recommend this product
Great introduction to pagan holidays

I was somewhat familiar with pagan holidays from the wheel of the year but was constantly tired of having to go back and reference my books when I wanted to refresh my mind (which often needs refreshing on anything) and this is a GREAT quick reference or introduction for anyone first learning about celebrations.