Photo of the New Moon Muse candle and the Banish aromatherapy spray photographed with roses.  Candle is by Emerald Hearth Creations.
The top of the New Moon Mini which is black with golden accents.  Photographed on a black background.
The front of the new moon muse mini by emerald hearth.

Dark Moon Duo

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Our New Moon 4oz mini has aromas of sandalwood, ozone and moss that provide a grounding sensation to invite enlightenment into your home, while releasing stagnation. Not only does it smell like fresh rainfall, the candle itself has iridescent glimmer within this beautiful hand poured candle guaranteed to be a breathe of fresh air.

Take banishing the negative energy to the next level with Banish. Spritz it on your linens, in the shower or in any room to repel any negativity for a clean slate.

Together, the sense of manifestation will inspire you to set good intentions into your home. Embrace the changes and inspiration from this set.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol Denatured, Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Sage, Rosemary), Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips