Image of Jasmine & Lotus scented match sticks.  The lid of the triangle packaging is in the foreground and in focus.  The background is of the matches which is out of focus.
Side view of the Jasmine & Lotus scented matchsticks.
Side view of the Jasmine & Lotus scented matchsticks.  There is also a puff of smoke in front.

Jasmine and Lotus Matchsticks

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Our Jasmine & Lotus matchsticks are a subtle blend of Jasmine and musk scent lifted with a brighter floral blend and top green leafy notes. The wooden stems of these matches are infused with all-natural fragrance oils. Each match will enhance your candle lighting ritual as it gently perfumes the air with a subtle scent that lingers even after extinguished. 

• 60 scented matchsticks
• 5 ½˝ high x 2 ¾˝ wide
• triangular prism shaped box
• striker flint on box